Our CUSTOM programs
are designed to meet your
needs and goals.

Personal Training

Perfectly Fits exclusive studio space is the ideal setting for a personalized training experience with the most knowledgeable trainers in Charleston. We offer one on one and partner training sessions for any age or fitness level. Our small private studio is designed to be distraction free so YOU are the focus. Practicing perfect technique and attention to detail, we tailor every workout to fit your goals and motivations. If you’re looking for a training experience that’s fun, focused and full of variety we are the perfect fit!

Wellness Consulting

A hands-on wellness consultation explores commonly overlooked sources of age related issues. Our movement based approach looks beyond the symptoms to find the underlying cause. Posture, lifestyle, stress, previous injuries, nutrition, and childbirth all hold the truth in what will make you better. We offer education, coaching and guidance so YOU can be in charge of your health and well being. We provide long term solutions that keep you out of the Doctors office, cut down on medications and save you money.

Injury Rehabilitation

Tweaked knees, achy shoulders and low back pain rear their angry heads when we least expect it. Left unattended these small annoyances can snowball into full blown injuries. Our PT provides on-site assessments and quick interventions to resolve any new or ongoing issue promptly and effectively so you can continue to work out pain free that same day! Don’t wait. Rehabilitate.

Golf & Tennis

Golf and tennis rely heavily on the body’s ability to twist and turn in a controlled but powerful way. When one part of the body isn’t functioning at it’s best, the body learns to compensate and unfortunately that doesn’t always mean great things for your swing (or your back!) Sports specific training restores all the strength, stability and flexibility where you need it most!

Mom Strong

Our mission is to change the way Moms get back into shape after having a baby. Perfectly Fits Mom Strong program is smart, safe, and based on the most current research in Womens health. Mom Strong introduces fundamental exercises to heal your body and restore core and pelvic floor strength and function. It includes simple and easy to follow tips on posture, exercise DOs and DON’Ts, safe ways to care for and feed your baby and how to care for yourself!

Mom Strong is not just for new moms. ALL moms, especially those dealing with weak abdominals, prolapse, leaking, hip or back pain will benefit from this program. If your body doesn’t feel right years after having a baby, let us know!

GrandMom Strong

When your body starts to feel the effects of aging, it’s time to GET STRONGER. At Perfectly Fit we empower women over 50 to be super strong in all areas of fitness. Our GrandMom Strong isn’t just for grandmothers, but any woman who wants a tailored fitness program that addresses the common issues women face as they get older.

Move with confidence under the supervised care of our expert trainers who specialize in orthopedic limitations, practicing perfect form and technique with every exercise. We safely build strong bodies to relieve arthritis, build bone strength, reduce urinary leaking and correct poor posture that causes tight muscles.