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Jill Mann, DPT, CPT
owner, physical therapist + certified personal trainer

A strong believer in the power of exercise, proper nutrition, and positive state of mind, Jill empowers her clients to embrace a lifestyle that fosters health and wellness throughout the lifespan. Her educational background blends a holistic view of health and wellness with strong evidenced based practice:

• Doctorate in Physical Therapy from The University of Maryland, Baltimore
• Bachelors in Kinesiology from The University of Maryland, College Park
• NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Jill is one of few fitness professionals specializing in preventative care. She excels at assessing movement patterns piece by piece to identify cause of injury and detect areas at risk for breakdown. Due to her excellence in spotting problem areas, clients who work with Jill trust her and know they are receiving the highest quality training experience.

When outside of the gym, Jill lives by her philosophy that exercise should be fun! She embraces her natural athleticism through wakeboarding, snowboarding and golf. Jill also has a passion for cooking, photography, and playing with her two (adorable) Australian Shepherds.

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Sarah Carmical, CPT
certified personal trainer + yoga instructor

Sarah's interest in exercise and well-being began at an early age watching her mother's skills as personal trainer and health educator. Through the years this interest blossomed into a very active lifestyle. Outside a gym or studio setting Sarah is dedicated to biking, horseback riding and yoga. She also loves to be outside with her husband and two dogs whether it is a simple walk or strenuous hike. In order to maintain such an active lifestyle, Sarah understands the need to have strength and stability to create unity as the muscles and joints work together.

A College of Charleston graduate with a degree in Health Promotion and a NASM certified personal trainer, Sarah possesses a broad physical education base. Working alongside one of the best Physical Therapists in Charleston has taken her knowledge to a new level. She emphasizes good form and proper technique in every exercise. Understanding that we all come from differing physical backgrounds, Sarah has a passion for encouraging others to reach their full potential. Having experienced physical shortcomings in her own life, she knows that any goal can be achieved even after a setback. Sarah also believes that when you encourage people to have fun while exercising they are far more likely to adhere to a healthier lifestyle for body and mind.